Monday, April 27, 2015

Call 4 papers - where is an open source app?

I was recently submitting a number of conference proposal related to my current area of interest, and one thing that struck me was the lack of a rock-solid, easy to use call-4-paper application.

Each time I wanted to propose a talk to a conference I had to create a profile, confirm e-mail address, provide a lot of details and only then I was allowed to fill actual talk details.

"Don't reinvent the wheel!" they say.

So, why, WHY each conference organizers decide to write their OWN c4p application? That makes no sense.

The internet proposal submission is no longer a feature that will distinguish your conference.

That's why I am starting my new, open source application for accepting conference talks. It will not be fancy, but it will work.

Clone it, run it, modify it, USE it.

Contribute if you wish.

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