Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Eclipse Marketplace Client just got updated in Fedora 19+

Short introduction for my Fedora audience:

Eclipse Marketplace is, well, a market for Eclipse plugins.  Eclipse Marketplace Client is a tool that allows for browsing and installing plugins from within your IDE. The analogy to other application stores is quite obvious. You can install the client by invoking:

sudo yum install eclipse-mpc

Main content:

Fedora 19 release date is approaching us fast. Since the Fedora release and Eclipse release are very close to each other, and there is a freeze between the RC (Beta) and the final release, I'm updating now the Eclipse stack to the Milestone 7 - the last milestone between the final release of Eclipse.

Going from one project to another I stumbled upon Eclipse Marketplace Client. It has no new release scheduled on it's website, but the log has revealed quite interesting features, so I've decided to include those updates.

Here is a screenshot of a new Marketplace Client:

Note new attributes that are now displayed - the number of installs and favourites stars. This will definitely help to assess which solutions are well tested in the field :-).

It also looks like there will be a newsletter in the marketplace client :-)

The market place is interesting also from another point of view.  I have written a small utility mojo that transforms a p2 repository/update site into a runnable form that could be put in dropins. So the part of rpm responsible for installing the client looks like:

mvn-rpmbuild org.fedora:feclipse-maven-plugin:install  \
 -DsourceRepo=org.eclipse.epp.mpc.site/target/site -DtargetLocation=%{buildroot}%{install_loc}/eclipse

Which is a great progress from manually unzipping features into destination :-).

Yes, yes, I'm aware that dropins mechanism is not really the best solution, but that's the only solution that we managed to get work together with rpm.

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