Monday, April 22, 2013

DevCrowd'13 – share knowledge, share passion - impressions

I had a pleasure of participation in a conference called DevCrowd this weekend in Szczecin. And I must admit - I underestimated it, and got very, very surprised.

First of all, the conference, held at the Szczecin University of Technology was developer community organized, meaning there was no single, leading technology, solution, nor vendor.  This resulted in a really mind-blowing mix of speakers that touched problems on the border of many spaces (technical, human and legal one) and made many people to think about what they do.

Let me mention two really noteworthy presentation fragments:
  • Adam Dudczak, "6 things that you were not taught during studies" discussed, amongst other things, the problem of choosing 3rd party dependencies for use in your project. This was a very right call in the era of social coding, and clearly outlined the need for IP management for communities that want to share their code.
  • There were two talks by Jarosław Ratajski and Grzegorz Godlewski, related to web programming. Those talks resonated in my mind because they were about Java developers finding themselves in the JavaScript world, and giving a really strong message, that despite Web is somewhat inferior to desktop, it needs superior developers. I guess Netscape was wrong by targeting JavaScript "to nonprofessional programmers". 

 I realized apparently not so secret plan of OSGi and Fedora conquering the Java world and performed a brief introduction to it, and quite unexpectedly, found people who were really interested in migrating their applications.

I got totally convinced to small conferences, and I look forward next edition!

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