Monday, January 30, 2012

Life-saving Eclipse functionality

As you know, I am working on Eclipse Fedora Build. Eclipse 3.8 ("almost M5") will get soon into Fedora Rawhide repository very soon.

Testing the build involved running new Eclipse and a number of of older packages, which included egit, jgit and others. My  local git repository got quickly corrupted (not sure yet why), so I created a patch, copied it into a safe place overwriting the previous one, deleted the repository, and cloned it again.

When I tried to apply the patch, it turned out that it was empty, and last couple days of my work was gone (because I happily overwrote the old patch).

Fortunately, Eclipse has a feature that deals with that kind of situations:

and then, a nice version selector appears:

My work was wonderfully resurrected!

Thank you, Eclipse!

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