Thursday, December 1, 2011

Time to say "Hello"

This is a follow up of my previous post in which I told "goodbye".

The good news is that I am not leaving Eclipse community. I am just changing my hat, from a blue one to a red one.

Linux was always fascinating me. I still remember the moment in which I have heard "This is Linux. It has six text consoles and a GUI." It was something completely new and amazing for a first-year computer-science student. And the Linux (Suse) at that time was FAST (at least in comparison to other OSes at the university).

Some part of me always wanted to explore that system much more, but I was constantly facing some obstacles. Actually it was one obstacle named, Counter Strike. And you cannot play CS in text mode (time to put some xkcd for Kim)

So now, after  my adventure with CS has ended, I will start working for Red Hat. Can you imagine that? Not one wonderful community, but two vibrant communities! Even more open source, more smart people  and more knowledge to gain!I guess you can imagine my inner geek happiness! And I am sure I will spend more time contributing to Eclipse!

Work commencement is scheduled for January 1. It is a pretty good date for making New Year's resolutions. Have you thought about yours?

Mine is rather simple - I will get you know as much as I should like*!


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  1. Congrats on joining Red Hat, they are a fantastic company that really gets the open source mission.